A couple of Toughs stopped by the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa. With all the activity of the landscapers they had assumed that perhaps the Spa was up for sale and being staged.  Bonnie wanted to expand into the personal services arena; while Clyde thought he might enjoy running the bar and casino.  the Face of Everyman assured them that nothing was for sale and that they should return for the grand opening when the vast newly planted gardens would be in full color.

AAA Rating

The AAA rating team conducted a surprise visit to the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  They started with the luncheon menu.  Things went down hill from there.  Large servings were used to mask the lack of variety.  No road kill and a complete disregard for patrons who might appreciate servings of pop corn or  french fries.  Try as he might the Face of Everyman could not find words to ameliorate their findings.  They left and vowed to return in six months.  The Spa’s triple “A” rating was at stake.  “E” had his work cut out for him.


Seen above in an archived image are the founding fathers of the Foggy Bottom Resort and Spa Toastmasters Club.  Organizational suggestions offered by the Face of Everyman went unheeded.  In the end the noontime Club disbanded and returned their charter.  The two main reasons given:  the catered road kill servings were small and the speeches were to be given in Esperanto.


Whitey is in the Avian Witness Protect Program.  The Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa has been chosen for its remoteness off of the Pacific Flyway.  Nonetheless Whitey is to be careful and not allow his face to be photographed.  Seen above the Face of Everyman is maintaining a lookout.  Paparazzi, bounty hunters and thoughtless tourists taking selfies remain a constant threat to the very life of this important witness.