A couple of Toughs stopped by the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa. With all the activity of the landscapers they had assumed that perhaps the Spa was up for sale and being staged.  Bonnie wanted to expand into the personal services arena; while Clyde thought he might enjoy running the bar and casino.  the Face of Everyman assured them that nothing was for sale and that they should return for the grand opening when the vast newly planted gardens would be in full color.


The circus is ready to leave their winter quarters in the meadow near the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  Various acts are making last minute improvements. These two asked the venerable sage to suggest a “snappy” name.  the Face of Everyman deemed this duo: The Flying St Croix Twins.  They’ll go on to make their fortune this summer as top draw Barnstormers.

New Guests

This young couple weren’t sure that they would fit in at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa: being so colorful and all . . .  the Face of Everyman was quick to assure them that everybody was welcome.  Well, perhaps a few, like raptors and nest robbers, weren’t regarded as guests, and never will be.  The venerable sage said that he would be pleased to store their luggage until after lunch when they could check in at the front desk.


To most folks the life at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa seems idyllic.  But for some like Sydney the carefree life takes a terrible toll.  As seen above the breakdowns begin by barking at bubbles.  the Face of Everyman tries to step in and offer his style of talk therapy.  No one knows what becomes of those who are sent to the clinic in Switzerland.


Emergency landings are rare at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa; but when Gandy Dancer called ahead reporting his troubles the Face of Everyman went into action.  Crews were alerted for both ground and water crashes.  The Bar opened to serve light refreshments until noon when full service would commence.  A wee dram of rum was available for “GD” to calm his nerves after such a harrowing experience.