Wyandotte had shown the figures to the Face of Everyman.  There was no other way to say it: Golden-crowned Sparrows were seriously under represented in the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa Blog.  The venerable sage knew that this grievous omission had to be corrected before the ACLU descended upon this small bit of paradise.   Wyandotte was unwilling to count today’s post as a meaningful attempt to right a wrong.

IRS Agent

The IRS agent was clear.  He was here to look at the books of an import company of which the Face of Everyman was listed as CEO.  The venerable sage had so many small and varied interests that surely he couldn’t be expected to recall any particular one at a moments notice.  The agent was gruff and all business, yet he gave “E” till Tuesday to meet his demands.  Everyman thought: “Better call . . .”