Happy New Year

Raphael tried to waken the Face of Everyman to wish him a Happy New Year.  Alas, the party had started and ended hours ago.  The entire Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa got to watch the gala events play out in New York City.  The Times Square ball dropping as viewed on the Jumbotron, was spectacular.  Security Forces quickly cleared the viewing area and sent folks off to roost.  The venerable sage slept till almost noon.IMG_0166 (2)

Crack O’ Dawn

Cheeky woke the Face of Everyman; asking if he could watch the Congressional hearings on the Jumbotron.  Corporate at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa normally reserved the use of this huge TV display for sporting events as well as the Miss Avian Beauty Pageant.  Okay.  The venerable sage deemed this an opportunity for a “civic minded” sporting event.IMG_0097 (2)