Leander was precocious; often to a fault.  He arrived at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa a week or more ahead of the others.  Unfortunately his make-up kit was on another flight.  He was forced to beg the Face of Everyman for a smidgen of lampblack to touch up his pale and incomplete top knot.  He needed to appear as an adult in mating colors when he met new folks on his way north to Canada.

Dire Consequences

Once again a Super Being had slipped thru the barrier that separates reality from that magical land known as the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  Such error in judgement comes with dire consequences.  Seen above in security file footage are Fenimore and Leander.  Neither is sure that the hand is not some aberration.  The cries for help were in some obscure dialect of Esperanto.  The mind of the Face of Everyman became totally involved in thought as he went thru the rigorous ordeal of conjugating verbs in this new language.  A brief public inquest may be held next week.  Or not.


Poor Leander, he was present when the Face of Everyman told the story from Greek mythology of Narcissus tricked by Nemesis into falling in love with his own reflected beauty.  Now, hours later, the waters of the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa remain as placid as ever; and Leander remains truly smitten with his own reflection.  Everyman was forced to break this unspeakable curse by rocking till ripples obscured the image.  It was said that “L”  became a unkempt hermit barely existing in a cave.  His only water seeped from cracks in the stone walls.  He never again saw his reflection.