Emergency landings are rare at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa; but when Gandy Dancer called ahead reporting his troubles the Face of Everyman went into action.  Crews were alerted for both ground and water crashes.  The Bar opened to serve light refreshments until noon when full service would commence.  A wee dram of rum was available for “GD” to calm his nerves after such a harrowing experience.

New Suits

Taco and Paco were all dressed up in their new outfits.  With time on their hands they decided to hang out at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa with the hope that the girls might notice them.  About all that happened was that the Face of Everyman got tired of Paco standing on his face and asked him to leave.  With that, the boys went foraging for lunch.


Leander was precocious; often to a fault.  He arrived at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa a week or more ahead of the others.  Unfortunately his make-up kit was on another flight.  He was forced to beg the Face of Everyman for a smidgen of lampblack to touch up his pale and incomplete top knot.  He needed to appear as an adult in mating colors when he met new folks on his way north to Canada.