Rocky had been up all night prepping for his appearance on Jeopardy, the long running TV game show.  He was almost too tired to sleep. Names, dates and formulas filled his head.  the Face of Everyman had agreed to tutor this brilliant scallywag on his promise to never again spin the venerable sage like a child’s top. Rocky’s episode will be recorded on this very spot in the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa and released soon as a Summer Series on a yet unnamed streaming channel.  Subtitles in Esperanto will be offered.


Scallywags had slipped through the impenetrable barrier surrounding the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  Top security forces were called to the scene.  Profilers examined every frame of footage for clues to the intent of the perpetrators.  the Face of Everyman was subject to intense interrogation.  He was a rock; he never cracked and maintains his innocence to this day.  The case was closed before guests appeared poolside for their morning dip.  The lead investigator noticed the wildflowers in the beak of the art piece.  She deemed an offering; a symbol of peace.  The kindly ol’ pensioner was pleased with the quick results.  An air of calm returned to that bucolic setting.