Marceau stopped by to see the Face of Everyman.    He was leaving the comfort of the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa and headed for the streets of Paris where he would learn to become a Mime.  The venerable sage suggested that he try out a few routines on guests here and see if he is cutout for such a rigorous life.  Not everyone likes a mime in their face; he added.

Daylight Savings Time

Mr. Rasmussen from Time Keeping and Accounts came down from Corporate to discreetly remind the Face of Everyman to reset his inner clock forward one hour to Pacific Flyway Daylight Savings Time.  The venerable sage was always amazed that the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa relied on clocks when the brilliant Sun was the key to everything.  He would admit however, that every four years that extra day confused him a bit.  He wished now that he hadn’t thrown away that Mayan calendar.  He liked things that were set in stone.


The recipes called for freshwater mussels.  The very best could be found only at the mouth of The Spring of Eternal Giving.  Enough needed to be gathered to met the needs of the Celebrity Cook Off this weekend at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  Four chefs would be given the opportunity to achieve greatness by preparing the most mouthwatering dishes from just a few ingredients.  Of course, the Face of Everyman looked forward to judging the results. His three star restaurant, le Napoleon Saint Helena, needed an infusion of hungry new blood.

Shoe Tunes

Little Prestwick was always humming show tunes.  Today what could be more apropos than “Singing in the Rain”?  As dark clouds rolled across the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa and intermittent showers fell, the little guy entertained the Face of Everyman ad nauseam.


the Face of Everyman always felt like an imposter, a fraud if you will; if he took the confession of a small songbird.  The “circuit rider” Preacher was out there somewhere tending to another remote congregation.  He was due next week but Toby felt that he had to get something off his chest.  Everyman agreed to hear the confession.  After all, how sinful could Toby be?  Yikes!  It was a mistake to assume anything.  The venerable sage hear the bird’s confession of sins.  Penitence and atonement could be discussed next week.

Nook and Cranny

Saturday was the season opener on Water Beetles and Soft Shell Scarabs in the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa recreational foraging area.  Dexter had had his fill of suet feeders.  No more!  He was after real food; bugs.  the Face of Everyman turned a blind eye to the utter disregard for species and size limitations as every nook and cranny was picked clean.