The Breakfast Kit posted a few flyers around the statuary and memorials of the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa; hopefully to encourage lonely pigeons to try out for membership in their group.  Flyers were effusive; bountiful food and plenty of cover from raptors, friendly rodents.  Two new pigeons, seen above, are trying out for a newly created vacancy.  the Face of Everyman remained mute as he is often wont to do.

Mortality Census

Periodically the Face of Everyman took a census count of bands of Simple Pigeons.  Shown above is The Breakfast Kit.  “E” duly recorded the loss of one of its member since the last tally and phoned in the official report from the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa Bird Banding and Census Station.  Noting the cause: Death by Cooper’s Hawk.

Stand Off

Tula’ the Cat came down from the warmth of the manor house situated high above the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa to see for herself the gluttony of the Simple Pigeons who lived off the largess provided for songbirds by the kindly ol’ pensioner.  The pigeon was either starved or had no experience with cats.  It became sort of a stand off.  Tula’ would charge the bird who would flutter off a few feet; then feed at a new spot with a certain nonchalance.  Both soon tired of the game. The satiated pigeon flew off to forage elsewhere.  the Face of Everyman slept thru the entire encounter.  Tula returned home and found a Sun spot for a nice nap.

Racing Handicap

It was billed as the first annual Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa Aerial Races.  The next three contests were lined up at the starting position.  the Face of Everyman was about to start his stopwatch and fire the toy cap gun starting pistol.  However, the State Racing Steward intervened.  The humming bird had not been given the appropriate weights and handicap.  The venerable sage assured the official that a unique pari-mutuel algorithm would satisfy the spirit of the regulation.  After much wrangling and haggling the races were rescheduled for the 4th of July.


It was meant to be the first organizational meeting of the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa Mardi Gras Krewe.  Little thought was given to selecting a name or building a float.  In the end, nothing had been  accomplished.  the Face of Everyman decided to try again next year.  With a sigh he marked this event in his Day Book as “Fellowship Breakfast”


The Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa promoted dance-exercise classes for guests and locals.  the Face of Everyman invited demo-teams to showcase the latest and most popular calorie burning moves.  Obviously not all movements had been optimized for every avian phenotype.