Vintage footage from the security cameras at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa helped identify this migrant.  His passage had gone unrecorded yesterday during annual maintenance when the cameras had been set to standby.  Inasmuch as the Face of Everyman was napping; he could offer little to aid the FBI sketch artists as they tried to construct a likeness from conflicting descriptions given by two casual onlookers.


Off-term elections were becoming the new norm at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  A seat on the Arts Commission urgently needed to be filled.  Funston called a press conference to announce his “hat in the ring”.   His comportment was almost presidential.  F’s choice of the Face of Everyman as the venue was not lost on members of the Fourth estate.

Free Speech

Mullard had always taken the right of Free Speech for granted.  That is, until he spoke out against providing free barley corn for migrating flocks along the Pacific Flyway.  Immediately he was set upon by one of “those”.  The attack was so sharp that he leapt a foot.  The words spewed by the new comer were acrimonious; vitriol was everywhere.  Mullard had always thought that “those kind” ate bugs and berries.  Who knew?